So, I’m blaming the Super Moon or the Devil or the Devil for pulling the moon in too close. How long are these effects going to last? Let me tell you some of the things that happened at school in one day.

  • Fire drill. I’m a substitute. Fire drills should not be allowed for training days when 100 subs are in the building.
  • One kid, slips in the class next to me. Mouth bleeding everywhere so her friend pukes. Can I get a hallelujah, amen it wasn’t in my class!
  • Birthday treats at lunch…yes, please give them cupcakes.
  • Fight over Pokemon cards at recess.
  • Two confiscated Pokemon cards.
  • One student’s tooth falls out…send him to the nurse.
  • Another student forcibly removes a tooth because his friend just got a cool tooth necklace. I’m not even kidding. Did I mention the blood?
  • My lesson plans include a video that requires a laptop…that I don’t have. The login for the website is awesome. Not so awesome…no login for the laptop. I am now required to have second graders help me with technology. Good times.

So that was my school day. Home life includes…

  • Jack has started completely shutting down at his speech appointments.
  • I’m trying to get a new therapy scheduled for Jack even though his current therapy seems to be making somethings worse instead of better.
  • Jack has more appointments right before Christmas.
  • Arleigh’s school project nearly sent us both over the edge. 
  • Bria is getting braces and we have to work it into our schedule.
  • Hanan made the winter track team!!! Practice daily…
  • Report cards that aren’t as great as they used to be…Thank you AP world. 
  • Arleigh won an award for writing on social media at a conference she attended at George Mason.





















  • We are currently trying to plan a 3,000 mile trip over the course of 11 days for Christmas. I wish I was exaggerating. 
  • My current Facebook status is “My annual Yuletide post…’Christmas ain’t Christmas ’til somebody cries and it’s usually me.’ ~ Donkey Except it’s not even Thanksgiving!” That about sums it up.
  • We alternate between nervous breakdowns and hissy fits around here. Thankfully they don’t all seem to hit at once…yet. No one in this house is immune.
  • I had a dream last night and woke up remembering I forgot to mail a report into our adoption agency that was due last month. I am that far behind.

So, is it just us? The crazy seems to have hit here early this year. The dang elf hasn’t even shown up yet. Don’t tell anyone but I’m not even sure where he is. I hope he skips this year. Is it the moon? Is it just us? This is not supposed to be what the season is like. Is it Satan or NoVA or does Satan just love NoVA? That’s what I’m going with… we live in…. just kidding. 

We’re taking a breath. Taking a step back and we are going to enjoy the season…from the road…on a 3,000 mile trip.