This year I’m super thankful I won’t be cooking for Thanksgiving. Here’s why…

  • You guys…I look like that horse that was rode hard and put up wet. Seriously, any inkling of makeup is gone. My hair is falling out of the messy bun I had at school. Bags under my eyes… y’all, it ain’t pretty.
  • Today my day included a note from the school nurse to allow a certain child to change her seat in the cafeteria because some of the people sitting near her were gross and it caused her to be nauseous. Um…. you guys… this is what is wrong with our country. If I moved myself every time someone in my own house was gross I’d be living in Outer Mongolia where my mother always threatened to send me.
  • My kids have no idea what they want to ask Santa for…except Bria. Bria always knows. I need to let Santa know ASAP with our upcoming schedule and where to deliver it. If they say something to you, please let me know.
  • Speaking of Bria, two days ago Ray was teasing her about  how expensive her haircut was and that he couldn’t even tell it had been trimmed. He told her at that rate she needs a rich husband. Bria vehemently disagreed informing her father she’d be rich and she wouldn’t need a husband. You guys, I’m a proud mom, a little scared but mostly proud mom.
  • Math and math homework is a necessary evil and the bane of my existence.
  • I wrote an email to a teacher this morning because he offered a pass/fail test that to pass it you must achieve 100% correct. You can also retake the exam until you “pass” it. My email started with a perfunctory thanks so much for replying to my previous email but it’s hard to show little concern when the only grade in the gradebook is an F. Her privileges are based in part on her school performance. When can she retake the test so she isn’t grounded over a holiday weekend? 
  • Teens + hormones * dating and divided by the social parameters at school = an exponential amount of stress in my house.

I am also thankful that this dude is getting in the spirit of things early.

I hope you enjoy a very happy Thanksgiving! We’re going to get an early start on counting our many blessings.