I had plans to tell you about our wonderful Thanksgiving this morning. Instead I’m going to tell you to hold your babies tight and be thankful for every second of every day that you have with them. 

Another chaotic morning that led to my irritability…I dropped the big girls off at high school. It’s raining, which now seem appropriate that heaven is crying a bit today. Thanks to some traffic, we were late for Jack’s speech appointment. This wasn’t our every day traffic. We were over 10 minutes late. So irritable probably doesn’t quite describe my mood. As we left Jack’s appointment I received a text that made my heart ache.

It read, “A did from cross country and my PE class committed suicide last night.”

I’ll just stop for a minute and let that sink in. A child is gone before he even really got to experience anything. My heart aches. It aches for Hanan. He was just an aquaintence of hers but someone she knew took his own life. It aches because I know how sensitive she is. I know she’ll start to question every statement, every reaction, every little thing. My heart hurts for her good friends that knew him really well. My heart hurts for Hanan as she tries to help them mend their own hearts. Mostly my heart hurts for his family. The thought of experiencing Christmas without one of my children because of something like this. I just can’t fathom the magnitude of their loss. 

So instead of telling you about how lovely everything is, please know it’s not always. Please pray for this boy’s family and the cross country team. The team banquet was scheduled for tonight. I’m not sure what will happen. Pray for all the students at WSHS. They are all Spartan Strong and will come together but it won’t be easy. After you’ve prayed, hug those kids!