I want to say like every other social media post that I’m happy to close the door on 2016. It was ROUGH! Family members dealt with medical problems. The election cycle made some of my friends downright ugly. I think my blood pressure was elevated from convention to election. Some of you people still have elevated blood pressure! We’ve watched the Syrian crisis. Britain made an exit from the EU. Don’t forget that North Korea tested a hydrogen bomb. There were devastating earthquakes and Hurricane Matthew. We were terrified of the Zika virus. There were police shootings. There were 135 police officers killed in the line of duty this year, the highest number 64 were fatally shot. Oh my word… a lot happened last year. To my family, to yours, to other people’s families. For some it was devastating. To others, it was just plain hard. People are dealing with death and sickness. They will in 2017 too. It made me think with all this 2016 was the devil business… what were the good things that happened?

I love lists. Let’s make a list…

  • We found out the tiger population increased. That’s really good news for our animal loving family. It’s the first time in a century that the population is growing.
  • A spacecraft reached Jupiter.
  • The World Health Organization announced that measles has been eliminated from the Americas. 
  • How ’bout them Cubs? Do I really need to elaborate?
  • For crying out loud even Cleveland won a championship this year!
  • Remember the ice bucket challenge? Turns out the money raised helped find the gene that is responsible for ALS. That means a huge step toward an effective treatment.
  • The Olympics… I love the Olympics because we can all be on the same team. Mom doesn’t like the money wasted spent on the games. I would love to find a way to stop that too but how many times do we all watch Simone Biles and our hearts melt and we feel pride in something much bigger than us. I’ll stop now. 
  • Maybe this only applies to my little family but…Moana. The movie, the soundtrack, we love it all and I love hearing everyone in my car sing “You’re Welcome.”

That is just a few of the many, many GOOD things. We will face challenges this year. They’ll be different. Some will be harder than others. We can climb every hill and mountain nut y’all, it would be a lot easier if we would make the climb together instead of fighting each other every dang step of the way. A friend of mine posted this picture recently.

My first thought was that it reminded me of my mother. My second thought is that I should be more like that. I don’t have resolutions. Well I do. There is another list of things constantly running and adding up in my head. My real resolution is just to try to be a little better every day. If all tried…maybe we wouldn’t be talking about a horrible, no good, terrible very bad year.

So aloha 2017. Bring whatever you’ve got. I am determined that this year no matter what happens, I may not be happy but I’ll find joy. Here we go!