I am mad enough to blog right now. Seriously people! I’ve had a lot happen in the last three weeks. So much that I refuse to give voice to in anger. This time I will. It’s time for the Mama Bear to come out. I will come out growling.

So one of my children, who is super sensitive sent me a text this afternoon. She was clearly upset because she had been subtweeted. Huh? I’m old. What’s that. Actually, this time I knew because I’ve had to ask before but just in case you aren’t as with it as I am, here’s the definition…

So I asked for a screen shot…

Here’s the backstory. My sweet, sensitive, rides the political fence because she is DESPERATE to please everyone child said on Instagram that she was disappointed that President Obama decided to commute Chelsea Manning’s sentence.

First, I say I whole heartedly agree with her. In Senator McCain’s words that commuting her sentence would “a grave mistake that I fear will encourage further acts of espionage and undermine military discipline.” Clearly our country is as divided about Manning as we are many, many other things. Because my child was charged with being too ignorant to understand the scope of things, like the fact that even the Obama administration said in 2013 that the leaks endangered military and diplomatic sources. Where’s that sarcasm font when I need it? I got drunk and drove into a crowd but I didn’t really mean to doesn’t get you out of trouble. If you release classified information to a news organization knowing it will be printed, it’s espionage. Why not go directly to Congress? 

On Friday last week I talked until I was blue in the face about Martin Luther King, Jr. We talked about how he listened to his father preaching and her understood that changing things through love, not anger was the way the world should work. We talked about knowing that everyone is important and special no matter what the color of their skin is. Apparently, I need to add no matter their political views are.

Basically, on social media my child was called stupid. That makes me angry. What makes me even angrier is the fact that it is implied that you can’t possibly understand or have compassion for someone because you have conservative views. You said my child, my military brat, can’t possibly understand the scope of the things? I’d argue that you don’t understand the scope of things. 

You don’t understand that she moves every 3 years so that you can live in a free country. You don’t understand that she missed her Dad for 6 months, over her birthday and Christmas so that her Dad could be in a war zone that is worse than he could ever know. You don’t understand that my child empathizes after what she goes through. You don’t understand what we go through so you can say that we don’t understand anything because we are conservative in our political values. 

For the record, we respect the person who is in office regardless. She said she was disappointed in one decision because she understands what being in the military is like, what it takes to make the sacrifice. She is allowed to have her opinion. If you respected that at all, you wouldn’t subtweet her. 

Social media may be the death of our country, ripping us apart. Let’s sit down and have a conversation.

Also…for the record… by subblog… I’m encouraging my sweet sensitive child to have a conversation with her friend so that he knows she’s informed instead of continuing with the subtweets. 

Does that mean this is a subblog? More like Mad Mama Blog! Let’s all play nice tomorrow.