This morning my heart is heavy for people I dearly love. Last week we were able to make it home to say Fair Winds And Following seas to my Uncle Jim. I refuse to say good-bye because I know I will see him again. I’m happy for him because he won’t suffer at all from cancer or diabetes. There are so many stories I heard while we were home that I will treasure forever. I realize that I am was so blessed to have so many wonderful people raising me, guiding me, building my character. I’m sure that last part was a hard job. I heard Mom say more than once last weekend that I was truly a communal child, everyone raised me. Uncle Jim was one of many great people in my life that I’m so thankful for. 

I don’t think Ray was any less blessed. I’ve heard stories for the last twenty plus years about times he spent with his Uncle Jim and Aunt Glenda. They were an integral part of his raising and we all know I think he turned out pretty great. Jim and Glenda always treated me like one of their own. Their doors have always been open with smiles and stories. I just love them to pieces. Ray’s uncle has been struggling with cancer. It is so very hard to watch someone you love suffer. Last night, he was healed. I’m so happy for him to not be in pain or suffering. Still, it’s so hard to know there will be time before we meet him again.

I’m sad for his family who will now be charged with finding their way without him. Life is hard. It’s always too soon to lose someone even if you want to see them healed. 

I will miss Jim’s smile and laugh. I think every time I saw him, there was a baby perched on his knee, sometimes mine. Please join me in praying for his sweet family as they deal with a tremendous loss.