Brace yourself. This will be a loud, boastful, proud mom post of the highest measure. If you can’t handle it, it’s totally okay to scroll away. Really… It’s coming….

Last night after a day of handing out there may or may not be lice in the classroom letters (sigh) and chasing 24 little kindergarteners for a full day, I rushed home to get dinner ready for the kids and then it was off to a reception for National History Day.

First let me say, this has been a hard year for Arleigh. We are starting to wonder what the future holds. Every military family will tell you, you reach a point in a tour that you sort of get lethargic and wonder if anything is worth it since there is the possibility of a move looming. Arleigh hit that point a little early in this tour. We don’t know what’s happening. In my no license for therapy but I am the mom of four mind, I decided that the not knowing fear of a possible move froze her in some weird apathetic state. She turned off her try button for a minute. This is new for me since she really is Ray’s daughter in every sense most of the time.

Here’s the problem…You absolutely unequivicolly for real without the shadow of a doubt don’t even have a minute of letting your guard down when you are attending a school in Fairfax County. There is notable pressure to achieve here. That said, on the flip side I find that the teachers will also do WHATEVER it takes to make sure you don’t fail. Really y’all, there is so much I could say about the state of public education after experiencing schools all over the country but I’m just not willing to get into the public/charter Devoss education debate. (My opinion is not a single one of you have it right but I don’t know how to fix it and because I don’t have anything nice to say to either side after watching all the yelling I’m keeping my mouth shut. Oops. I failed again.) Point is, Arleigh and Hanan are at a big school. We are no longer the big fish in a little pond. There is extreme competition. She was thrilled to have gone forward with her project at the school but thought we were going for a participation award. Let me get back to that bragging post.

We arrived at the library to look at all the projects. Let me just say, they were impressive. Arleigh’s subject happens to me near and dear to my heart, Queen Liliuokalani. Some of my yammering about Hawaiian history after living there for three years must’ve sunk into that giant brain of hers. While I have delusions of grandeur about writing, Arleigh is actually an excellent writer. After living as a minority for years and coming to love Hawaiian culture almost as much as her mother, she was pretty passionate about her thesis.

Queen Liliuokalani’s stand against the annexation of Hawaii to protect Hawaii’s independence transformed the Hawaiian culture, and changed natives’ views of America and its government

Y’all, this little wahine gets it. Her heart bleeds for Hawaii. The evil practices of men who originally arrived on the island to be missionaries eventually letting greed rule the day hurt her to her core. One of the things we heard is that Arleigh’s writing sounded like she was a native Hawaiian. I am pretty dang proud. Arleigh was in the largest category. She received a 2nd place award and will be moving on to districts in March. We are so proud of her. The shock, the smile and taller posture makes me think she might be a little proud too. Now… I need some new aloha wear and a butterfly pin for the next round of competition.