This morning I would love for you to say a prayer for my buddy, Jake and his family. He’s Bria’s and Jack’s friend from church and school. I never tire of seeing his face in the hall at school. Those big blue eyes are always sparkling and he always has a crooked little grin for me in the hallway. Sometimes I even get a half wave which is big stuff from a third grader! 

Jake is right now as I type this undergoing a pretty serious heart surgery. He is having an ablation done on his heart and maybe receiving a pacemaker. Our biggest hope is that the ablation will be immediately successful and that Jake’s SA node dysfunction and AV disassociation will be corrected and that his heart will begin to beat normally again. If it isn’t immediately successful, a pacemaker may be needed. I don’t understand it all but God does. This boy has been waiting too long to jump on our trampoline! A successful ablation would be the best possible outcome from the procedure. Basically, please pray for Jake, his sisters and his parents.

This mama’s heart can’t stop thinking about that boy’s sweet mama this morning. It was hard to see Jack sedated for an MRI. I can’t imagine waiting through this surgery. Worse… Jake has to be still for four hours after it’s done. Jake is a lot like Bria. I’m not sure anyone could hold her down. My friend will have a lot going on for the next few weeks. 

We haven’t known Chad and Kara and their kids for very long but all our kids hit it off immediately. Chad and Kara are sort of stuck with the Stiffs whether they like it or not. I humbly ask for your prayers, for healing for Jake and peace for this very sweet family. You have my sincere thanks.