Just to update you…

I’ve taken a long term sub position. Maybe you should put those precious little second graders on your prayer list.

In other news… I’m sure I’ll have lots of stories. In fact I can’t wait to show you one of the projects we worked on today.

Tomorrow is districts for Arleigh Grace. 

While I’m super proud of that whole going to districts thing and all but… A teacher said that if you didn’t see Arleigh’s name on the essay, you would think it was written by a native Hawaiian petitioning for sovereignty. ???????? Y’all, that’s all the accolades this wannabe Hawaiian mama wants.

Bria has her last indoor game of the season tomorrow…wait for it…at the exact same time as districts. 

Also… I just sent this to my kids.

Let me show you one’s response.

Who says a phone can’t bond a family?

Finally, let me end with I LOVE YOU DAY DAY! (You don’t need to know. It’s an inside joke. Also please tell Aunt Carolyn I love her too.) *It’s official. The blog is now a message board. 

Have a great weekend!