We survived National History Day mostly unscathed. Shocking as it is with my Beverly Goldberg moments. You don’t know Beverly Goldberg? Let me introduce you…

So Arleigh received her paper telling her how she did. It was all superior ratings. Literally, there was not a critique in the paper so I’m really not sure how they decided who would move forward to states. Look at that, I’m still Beverly Goldberg.
Arleigh was praised for her poise and confidence during her oral presentation. The notes included that she brought up questions the judges hadn’t considered. They said she thoroughly knew her subject and could speak about it. She defended her thesis well. So… again… I know, I know every mother thinks her child is the best. (Mine actually are.) I think the judges were schooled in Hawaiian history. If Hanan chooses to participate next year I may suggest that a timely social issue should be her focus. I’m not bitter or anything though.

Honestly, I’m so proud of Arleigh. We hung out all day. I had a great day with her. We got to discuss some of the social issues addressed in a few of the presentations. It’s refreshing to hear her views. When her name wasn’t called I know she was disappointed. Admittedly, she probably wasn’t as disappointed as her mother but it is a hard pill to swallow even if you’ve been told approximately 4,567 times that should should be proud just to have made it this far. In spite of that hard pill she was gracious and kind to all her friends moving on and congratulated people as we left. I can’t say that about some of the other people leaving the theater. 

The truth is, Arleigh wrote about something she is passionate about. I got to talk to her about how much I love Hawaiian history. We’ve had the blessing of living all over the world. We’ve heard a little more than the state we live in or the condensed world history you learn in school. I’m glad we were able to appreciate it together. 

In other news… I caught a picture of these two.

Arleigh, my little haole wahine is dressed to tell people about the Hawaiian culture. TJ is dressed at Oscar Wilde. Do you see the irony? I thought it was awesome. 

We will live to fight another National History Day.