Let me show you Jack on his third birthday…

dang jin chang_4







He wasn’t thrilled with the cake we sent him in China.

dang jin chang_1





The weird candle probably freaked him out a little.

Then there was his fourth birthday. I took the kid with sensory disorders to Disney. It wasn’t much better…maybe worse.







Also…that cake wasn’t as yummy as you would expect it to be. 

Now, let me show you Jack on his ninth birthday…

I think he’s figured out how to enjoy it! 

Jack plans on celebrating at Dave And Buster’s this weekend. Last night he was pretty specific that he wanted Chinese noodles and chicken nuggets for supper with an Oreo ice cream cake. Of course he got it all! 

Parenting Jack isn’t easy. It isn’t easy parenting any of my kids. I can honestly say he is a huge blessing. He teaches us to smile every day. He is trying so hard every day. His diligence to his school work is amazing. Too bad he doesn’t apply the same diligence to cleaning his room! He’s becoming a real boy. We are a loving every minute of watching him grow into his super hero self! 

Happy Birthday Jack Jack! You are so loved!