I have a rare day home with the kiddos. Four instead of 27 babies is refreshing. I slept in this morning. It was glorious! I am not a morning person.

When your 9-year old loses five pounds from a stomach bug you start the morning with pancakes. 

And bacon…????

Today We will embark on a quest for a driver’s permit. I’m trying to be excited about the prospect of a new driver but I miss my baby.

Another baby got her winter track awards last night. We’re pretty proud of the 3.5 and above award for her grades. She works hard to keep those grades up with daily practice and meets.

There is movie we want to see, a lax game we want to get to, international night and a soccer tournament this weekend. Oh, don’t let me forget another child is ready for braces. I am not ready to pay the bill we just got. Sigh…

We’re just gonna do whatever works. Aloha Friday! It’s around here somewhere.