*Disclaimer… I am infinitely and immeasureably blessed. I have very little to ever complain about. I know I have a super, awesome wonderful life and I wouldn’t change a thing. I know there are other people who have far more to complain about. For a minute, I am about to indulge in a slight tongue in cheek pity party. Feel free to ignore my whine or pull up a stool and grab some cheese. It’s my blog and I can do what I want.

Last week I looked at our schedule and a literal shutter went through me. How on earth was I going to pull this off? There is no way with Ray’s current schedule that I could get everyone everywhere they needed to be. Well, I’m hear to tell you, God provides. Sometimes it’s not what you want but it happens. I also started thinking about Hell Week back in my college days. Those fraternities are sooooo cute. They think they know what Hell Week is. I think a mom in the middle of parenting four kids needs to introduce them to a real hell week. I can totally use this week as my guide book. Thankfully I didn’t have to fold a toddler into the mix.

So our schedule looked something like this. Bria is going to start our line up with back to back practices on two nights. Monday night she’s at a field on the very literal other side of town and would have exactly zero minutes to get back to goalie training. At best it’s a 20 minute drive… practice happens to be during rush hour. Hanan is finished with track at the exact time Bria is supposed to report to practice. How do I make that happen? Arleigh has to stay after school every day. No big deal except I’m working now and she’ll have to hang out at a construction zone until I can get out of school. This means packing all things soccer to change at school down to the giant water bottles. Arleigh will also be getting ready to leave on a band trip this week and for good measure Hanan is getting braces. Saddle up… here we go!

We discovered that one of Bria’s practices on Monday was cancelled. Thank goodness! That opened the schedule enough that I could handle everything else. Nope. I don’t know if I can handle everything else. The teens woke up in the middle of the night with the awful stomach bug. So the time that was freed up was tapped out with laundry and scrubbing. Those poor girls… You don’t want this bug. You don’t want your kids to have it either. There is no rest for the weary. They were up all night and so was I. 

Arleigh was down and out Monday and Tuesday. Okay, except she was supposed to leave on a band trip to Atlanta on Wednesday night. I can’t keep up with normal laundry. I have sick laundry and a husband that needs to get to a washer for his uniforms and a kid that needs everything washed for a trip and sports laundry. At least, we only had track… but I was starting to feel sick. Oh heck no! I probably had some form on it on Tuesday but managed to power through.

IMG_7994Wednesday was our make it or break it day. Thankfully it’s still March so Bria doesn’t have practice. Hanan had a track meet. Because it is still March it was the only Wednesday night I knew I could work in the concession stand. Track meet starts at 5:15. Luggage check in is at 5:30. Jack was having a meltdown day. Ray came home to pick Arleigh up from school. I went to the track meet since Hanan was running in the first event. Ray took the littles, Arleigh, and an extra band kid to get dinner and to finish packing. Hanan finished well. I was cleaning up the concession stand when Ray called. Uh oh. I was already thirty minutes late. Bria and Jack are in bed and I needed to get home so someone could get Arleigh back to the school for their check in. 

We made it! Sort of… yesterday started with Hanan getting braces. Thankfully Ray saved the day. He took her to her 7 a.m. appointment. I would’ve been late for school since they finished up an hour later than they originally anticipated.

It gets better. I sent a student to the nurse. Actually, they were headed to specials so I walked him down. I said, “He’s green. He isn’t acting like himself. He feels weird.” She sent him straight back saying he just hasn’t eaten. Poor kid made it through music, P.E., lunch and recess only to get back into the room. We started our work and I look over, he’s ducked under his desk throwing up all over everything that was in a 3-foot radius. Holy vomit Batman! The smell….the kids sympathy gagging… and two and half hours still left in the school day.

On to soccer practice. Late to pickup from track practice. Everyone made it home. I settled everyone into bed. We only have track practice and a birthday party tomorrow. I have breathing room until Sunday. On Sunday we are double booked for the entire day until 8:30 at night. Just in time for The Walking Dead finale but that’s another blog. We did the unusual and turned on The Amazing Race in bed. I was just pulling the covers up when I heard that there was a fire and a major interstate problem in Atlanta… downtown Atlanta…where my daughter is. 

I didn’t think anyone was hurt but oh my holy freaking crap my child isn’t in my house and where she is has a major bridge of a highway falling in due to a fire. She exaggerates like her mother. You should see the texts. “We missed it by mere minutes.” “What does mere minutes mean?” “We were on that road. We could see the fire.” “What? How close?” “We were downtown. We could see the fire and the smoke but we are all okay back to the hotel.”  “Okay but how did you miss it by mere minutes?” “Probably not minutes but we were on that road before.”  I’ve said my prayers of many many thanks. You might want to pray for Ray because he has to put up with us. 

I got a text from Ray today. It said “Howz it?” My response… “Indoor recess. I’m in the middle of Thunderdome.” Because of the rain, I totally had the Mad Max hair and everything. I sent another one home, thankfully pre-puke. I have one at a party, two tucked in upstairs. Thunderdome is shut down and I’m going to find my aloha…or sleep. Maybe it’s in my dreams? 

Top that next Hell Week Chops! I bet you can’t!