So I actually filled out report cards this week. I only had a couple of incidents that needed counselors. My time in the classroom has been extended. It’s been another long week.

Poor Ray. He got a movie, made dinner and poured a glass of wine while I whined about moving the kids again, seating charts, math tests and how on earth I’m juggling this schedule. Sigh… Bria has a friend over. Hanan has 3 friends over. 9 people in our house that I haven’t cleaned tonight. Yep. Sounds about right. 

We put in Rogue one and I settled in to watch. This is what I heard.

*warning…there aren’t true spoilers but maybe a little.

  • “Mom, that’s the Death Star.” ~Jack
  • “They must hire really good bands.” ~ Arleigh
  • “Woah…Jack was right! It is the Death Star.” ~ Arleigh
  • “I have failed as a mother.” ~me.
  • “Is that a teenage mutant ninja turtle?”~Arleigh
  • “I think that was a good explosion…they need to shoot more.” ~Jack.
  • “I appreciate the music and the strong female roles.” ~Arleigh
  • “That’s a lot of Thai fighters.” ~Jack
  • “No Arleigh. That’s and x-wing.” ~Jack”
  • “Boooo ya!” ~ Jack
  • “Was it Jack’s commentary or the explosion that woke you up?”~me
  • “Yes.” ~Ray
  • “Noooooooooo! He’s gonna die!”~Arleigh
  • “Nooooooo!!!!!” ~Arleigh and Jack
  • “Oh no! This is bad.” ~ Jack
  • “They’ll get caught!” ~ Arleigh
  • (Sadly) “I just hate when people die in movies.” ~Jack
  • “The force is with me. I’m with the force…” ~Jack
  • “This is a terrible movie. I can’t.” ~ Arleigh
  • “Boo! Yeah!!! Force this thing!”~Jack
  • “This is an annoying movie! They killed __________!!!! And now they’ll kiss. Annoying!” ~Arleigh

So at least I was entertained… Now to get this motley crew to bed!