My week at school has been exceptionally awful. Sorry, I can’t go into details but it wasn’t fun. Yesterday Jack wanted to ride the bus home by himself. Hanan was home to meet him. He hates going to soccer, to pick everyone up and I knew I was in for a long night so I let him. 

Before I could leave school there was a phone call from Hanan. Another student with special needs pinched Jack, kissed Jack, bit Jack, pulled Jack’s hair, and hit Jack all the way home. Jack said he kept asking the boy to stop. That ride must’ve been awful for him. This week I’ve been preaching that school should be a safe place. So should the bus ride home. I immediately walked into the office and let them know what happened. 

It’s hard. I don’t think the other child meant to hurt Jack or make him uncomfortable. Jack has to be on his own every now and then. I am so thankful that his teacher this year has helped him know how to express himself. Last year he would’ve come off the bus not being able to communicate what happened. 

Because lots of things happen to lots of kids and I’m dependent on others to help protect my son, I want to share this video. It is the best way I’ve seen autism described. It takes more than a little patience and understanding but how much nicer would our world be?