That white wall… There used to be a cabinet there. 

Ignore the cow bells ???? and the mess… Really, the cabinet has been relocated to my front door.

Ray opened the door at dinner and noticed it was literally pulling off the wall. So naturally, he had me empty it so he could take it down and repair it. Did I mention we rent? ???? Our homeowners should seriously give us a month free for his fixes! 

In other news, meet my new friend…

He was hanging out in the parking lot at school. A friend got the picture. He has other friends too.

Yesterday, Arleigh and Hanan were walking home from the bus stop with a friend. Hanan was walking through the grass. If you know Hanan it was probably a bouncy hop home. Suddenly she points and yells, “Snake!” A baby popped its head up out of the grass and went straight for the road. Unfortunately, (because I wasn’t home to laugh hysterically) Arleigh was between the snake and the road. She was according to her account chased 3.56 miles. I’m not really sure how that worked since the house was a little over a quarter of a mile away. I wish I had seen it. 

The funnier part was the day before Arleigh was chatting with Grandma. She was telling her after all the cicadas climbed up out of the ground she was certain her first question she would have at the pearly gates would be, “God, why on earth did you decide to create cicadas?” I’ve told her over and over it was just to laugh at Arleigh running from them but for some reason she doesn’t think that is a logical answer. Anyway, she was waxing on poetically about the calamity bugs create on her delicate existence and mentioned that she isn’t afraid of snakes. 

Y’all, I can not for the life of me make this up. She was telling her grandmother how God had sent her a snake. I’m not sure if it was meant for her or me but I’ll take it! We have laughed about my nervous nelly children all dang week. 

We’re off for the big soccer tournament this weekend. All hands are on deck… as soon as the hands replace my cabinet. Remember the fallen this weekend. You get to enjoy your break because they gave up everything for you.