Today we dipped our toes into the water that is travel soccer tournaments. Ray is in charge of fields. Bria is in charge of playing. The rest of us are here to cheer, lug equipment and pitch in wherever we’re needed. 

We had a great day with a score and a tie. We are pumped for tomorrow! I’ve even done something tonight that I never thought I would do… I’ve washed the lucky panties so they are ready to go for game number three. 

Ray put a ref on an ambulance today and thought he might have to calm a fight. Parents here in NoVA are a little cray cray. I will admit to yelling at a small child today but it’s hard to be quiet when you see a kid throw a forearm at your own kid’s throat. 

This is an awesome group of young ladies. Win or lose, they are all pretty great. I can’t wait to see what they accomplish.