“How am I supposed to be teaching other people about Jesus when my own children act like this?” is something I said this morning. I now have to have my children’s teeth cleaned every three months instead of every 6 because apparently they suck at brushing their teeth. (For two of them it’s braces. One is too busy bobbing his head to know where he’s brushed.) I cried for a solid day because time is getting away from me and I was sending my oldest to another country by herself. Today I wondered if they could all go. (Only for a second but still…)

This week someone had to awkwardly tell me that my son announced at Vacation Bible School that know one loves him and he has no friends. When he was told that God loves him all the time he disagreed. Good times, y’all. 

Bria has just discovered that her BFF for eternity will be in the area the exact week that she is going away to camp. I died a little. 

Hanan needs new bathing suits and a physical but we are never home to shop for either or to schedule one. 

I waited too long to get Arleigh’s vaccinations. They are probably not effective for her trip. I was also told how overdue she is for a checkup. 

I am seriously killing it over here. 

I am pretty sure Arleigh lost her bags on her way to China because when she tried to FaceTime me this morning, I could clearly see them under my eyes. I haven’t been to the gym a single time this week. I’m cheering when we all eat a meal together…even if it’s in on the deck in-between jumps on the trampoline. Redbox is my new best friend. 

Someone tell me, why was I so anxious to get out of school? I haven’t even been to the pool!