Hanan is officially fifteen. Why couldn’t she just stay my little mischievous maker for a bit?

I do miss those days of finding her randomly on top of some shelf because she’d climbed to the top or stuck in a box. I also love having conversations with her now. She is growing into a beautiful young lady. 

Hanan has just finished her first year of high school. She’s amazed me with her diligence. She knows what she wants and she goes after it. She is still pursing theater and running. It’s a joy to watch her do both. She has learned a lot about forgiveness this year. She has learned to forgive and that she needs to humble herself and ask for it in return. Freshman year, and high school in general can be a tight rope walk. We’ve had many things going on outside of that. She has managed to get through it all with dignity and grace. I may be her mom but I’m quite impressed with the young lady she is becoming. 

This year for her birthday she wanted to go to an amusement part. We haven’t been to Busch Gardens in a very long time so we made the track down to Williamsburg while Arleigh was away. This worked because Arleigh hates rides. I hate paying for Arleigh to go to a park that is almost exclusively rides. We picked up Hanan’s buddy Virginia along the away. 

We had a blast… except for possibly Jack. We now know is also not a fan of big rides. He was a trooper on Pompeii and he loved Roman Rapids. Bria was warming up to the rides. Virginia and Hanan went off on their own. It was a great day to be there. There were no lines. They rode every roller coaster at least 7 times. That is no exaggeration. We told them over and over how we used to wait over an hour to ride one ride. 

It was a pretty great trip. We lucked out and got to run into some special people but I’ll have to tell you more about that later. Summer is happening and I can’t miss it! Happy Birthday Nurnul! We love you big!