My kids are huddled watching a movie and begging for ice cream. I’m listening to them giggle and talk to each other. I just want to gather them up and take them off to our own little island and hide. I can’t believe the things that are happening right now. 

Yes, I currently live in Virginia. Like everyone else, I’ve watched in horror as things unfold in Charlottesville. I talked with a friend who is an immigrant. She was telling me how shocked she was to find out that people were openly racist. She assumed it was a dark secret that they never pulled out in the light. I’ve watched the anger the hurt and the vitriol. I’ve read the posts, much like this one that amount to one thing, a big pile of words. Until we get out from behind our screens and love and care for our neighbors of every color, what is this world going to become? Kneeling for the anthem isn’t going to do much. Caring for your neighbor will. 

So there’s this…

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Darkness can’t drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate can’t drive out hate; only love can do that.” You’ve heard me say before…or read that I wrote Ray decided that the motto for our little family is “Be Good, Do Good.” If our children don’t learn anything else from us, we hope that they learn to spread kindness. We read the analogy once that you shouldn’t look into your brother’s bowl of cereal make sure you have as much, or especially more. You should check your brother’s bowl to make sure he has enough. If we were all busy doing that, how great would this be. 

I admittedly haven’t had the news on much. I haven’t seen this on national media. I read it this morning and it made my heart so sad. I haven’t seen it on mainstream media but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.

Go ahead. Read it. I’ll wait. 

Before you tell me anything about right and wrong let me tell you something. I lived in Iceland for three and a half years. Two of my children were born there. I went through all the genetic testing that we were supposed to have. We heard that Arleigh had a very high chance of having Down Syndrome. It was a scary time. It was our first. We had these huge dreams and suddenly there were lots of things to discuss and to prepare. We were sent for more tests at an Icelandic hospital so that we could determine exactly what we were dealing with and if we needed to be prepared for heart defects or other things. The first part of this test was a high definition ultrasound. As the doctor got everything ready and helped me lie back, she told us how ignorant we were. I was 19 weeks pregnant, three weeks too late to terminate. She told us that the Americans should be doing another test to ensure early termination. Basically as I watched my daughter on a giant screen, she told me how she should never have the consideration of being born. 

Ray was also watching the ultrasound intently. He leaned down and whispered in my ear to watch Arleigh’s hands. She kept waving and making a fist and then opening her hand like she was saying hello. Then she would make a fist again. Ray whispered again. She’s fine. She wouldn’t be doing that if she wasn’t ok. I have no idea if there was any truth to his logic or not but it made me feel much better. I was calm and able to ignore most of what the doctor was saying as she fussed and shook her head. 

I left that day knowing that if I had been in that hospital any earlier in my pregnancy she would have tried her darnedest to influence me to terminate that pregnancy. Look what I would have missed out on.

I wonder what sort of society were are moving toward. I think about our friend’s child who has Down’s Syndrome and what a joy he can be. What happens when any genetic disorder would make my life more difficult and so… We wouldn’t have Jack. We aren’t moving on and being kind. We are yelling asking for our fair share and to make our life easier. 

What sort of society do you want to live in?