So it has been a long week. We started it with me getting irritated with my loving adorable children for fighting with each other over… I honestly don’t remember. It was either what we planned to do that day or maybe a Cheez It crumb. We are all aware that orders and plans are looming. The tension in the air around here… well it’s almost electric. Then Mom called me to tell me about a problem with her eye. I decided that her retina was about to become detached and proceeded to lose my fishizzle trying to get her to see an ophthalmologist. You didn’t know I had my medical license? It was provided by google. Let’s not forget it is also spirit week at Band Camp and Ray is MIA for a bit. Sigh…

You are getting the idea. We’re busy and anxious and sometimes worried and that’s just me. Tonight I have a touch of insomnia. I’m usually snoring by now. This little bit of heaven landed in my inbox.

It is a video from teen week of our beloved Camp Idlewild. you can catch glimpses of Arleigh and Hanan. It is long but I now understand why they are desperate to go back.

Enjoy the video. I’m off to try to enjoy some sleep.