My friends from college were in a living nightmare. I’ve mentioned their story before. Brian and Kim Long have gone through things that I can’t imagine. This story hits me close to home on so many levels. I have son with special needs. I work with special needs kids all the time as a substitute teacher. This hurts my heart.

I know things happen in classroom settings that are so far out of control. It seems in my mind that this situation was totally preventable. My heart is broken for Kim and Brian that not only did they live it but they have to constantly relive the experience as they work to make change. 

Do better Louisville. Kentucky has excellent education resources. The schools are fabulous. This is unacceptable. This investigation, though I wasn’t personally participating seems to have gone off the rails. Let’s make sure no other family goes through this.

Want to know what I’m ranting about? Find more information at #longfortruth and the latest news article

You’re in our prayers Longs!