Six years ago I stepped off a plane. I was soaked with pee and stained with tears. I had an eye infection and was exhausted to my core. This picture was my view.

Six years ago today Jack met his family for the first time. He went straight for Grandma.

Tonight, we will celebrate Jack’s way… two new boxes of police officer Legos and chicken with a side of macaroni and cheese. We’ll follow it up with some ice cream cake. The ice cream cake is more for me since one of my biggest memories of China is Jack rolling around on a sidewalk screaming because I asked him to try ice cream on a warm day.

So in six years, Jack’s graduated from wearing crocs EVERY. DANG. DAY. to preferring his Nikes. He’s a math wizard but currently he’s struggling with his Virginia Studies. Everyone still loves Jack but for whatever reason right now he is positive that he is a failure and hated by everyone. (We’re working on that.) When I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE LOVES JACK! He is the rock star wherever we go. Jack eats almost everything now…big change but he still prefers noodles and rice. He can’t ride a bike but he can jump higher than all of us on a trampoline and he is the king of the swing. He has plans to marry a friend from school. He wants to live in Giza so that he can build pyramids but he’s worried family won’t want to visit. Silly boy, we’d follow you anywhere.

As he moves up in school he’s struggling a little more. We’re working a little harder. He’s doing so much more than we ever thought he would be capable of.


Jack Attack, you are loved no matter what that brain of yours is telling you! We can’t wait to see what you do with the next 6 years! We love you!!!