My apologies for not posting in forever. My long-term substitute position has come to a bittersweet end. I do love those kids. I can’t believe I was terrified to walk into the fifth grade for a solid quarter. Before school started, I put up a bulletin board that said, “Nine Weeks of Wonder” because we would be referencing the book throughout quarter. (If you haven’t, read it before you see the movie.) Anyway, we made it through nine weeks of kids having strep, stomach bugs, field day, Halloween, Back To School Night, etc. I made it through healthy. Today, I feel a bit like I’ve been hit by a truck. I can’t speak. I have full on laryngitis. That might me why I sat down out a keyboard. I can’t be silent. Typing it is!

Over the nine week silence that was all things fifth grade, ALOT happened around here. One of the greatest was yesterday. I took my houseguests to the Fort Belvoir PX and bumped into Colin Powell! He was having a book signing for Veteran’s Day. What a giant he was in my mind. I missed a speech he gave in Iceland because I was home on bedrest pregnant with Hanan. Part of one of my scholarships when I went to college was because of an essay I wrote about the Gulf War. Colin Powell was a larger than life figure in my mind and he was sitting right in front of me.

Of course, I grabbed his new book and got in line. He was almost finished with his time there when the girls and I got to him. He won me over telling me how beautiful they are. He said he was feeling like Santa Claus holding all the babies. We took a picture and I told him what an honor it was to meet him with my girls. (Jack and Ray were home.)

Imagine my surprise when I opened Facebook and saw our picture on his page! The girls are now thrilled and slightly more interested in the man that they’ve seen interviewed on the news.

We were clearly at the right place at the right time and I hope it’s something they never forget!

On a side note, my cousin sent a late test saying he would love to have the book too. I got back in line. I’m pretty sure Colin Powell thought I was bat poop crazy for not only coming back, but asking him to sign a book to “CAPT Stiff.” That’ll be my chuckle for the next few weeks.