It seems as you get older, every year seems a bit harder. People we love pass away. The kids are growing up too fast. Still, we have so much to be thankful for every single day.

This Thanksgiving we were shown just how thankful we are with a big heart shaking reminder. I would’ve posted earlier but we rent our home and we wanted to talk to the home owner first.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with friends we don’t get to see often enough.

Of course I’m that Mom that stopped our parade to take a Thanksgiving selfie.


We stopped to have dessert with other friends. They live all of three miles from our house but we never get to see them anymore. It was fabulous.

On Friday we shopped and started decorating for Christmas. It looked like Christmas puked in the middle of my living room floor but Ray and I decided to take advantage of not having sports and to go out with friends.

We arrived and were getting ready to order when I got a frantic call from Arleigh. Her first words were, “we are ok but there was a fire.” As she talked I could hear the fire alarms in the house. She was getting more upset by the second. We grabbed our friends and rushed back home.

I won’t share all the pictures but you get the idea. Hanan was washing her sheets. Her hair dryer was plugged in laying on the floor. We don’t know if throwing things around the room accidentally turned it on or if there was a power surge. Pillow plus hairdryer plus carpet equals no bueno.

Thankfully Arleigh thought fast on her feet. She unplugged everything and threw towels on the fire pouring water on everything to smother it. If she had panicked and called 911, we might not have a house. (Yes, later we talked about her safety being more important than the house or any of the stuff.)

We had a long weekend. Ray started working in Hanan’s room with Hanan while the rest of us started cleaning. We didn’t want to let the smoke smell set in.

Ray is my prince, my hero, my rock star. Minus the carpet and foam that we ripped out of the room it looks better than it did when we moved in.

We are moving Hanan back in. A few things have happened.

  • We are hugging the kids even tighter right now. I had a brief little meltdown/freak out thinking of what could’ve happened.
  • Prayers of thanks are uttered constantly even in the middle of the back breaking work.
  • Our landlord/homeowner was here last night after a long flight. He was very gracious. He could’ve exploded. We’re thankful for his compassion and kindness.
  • We (I) realized we have way too much stuff. Our overflow is currently accumulating in the garage to be donated as soon as I gather all of it.

We have always asked the girls to turn off and unplug their heating tools. If they didn’t hear us before, they do now. We’ve had a long weekend and we all need some rest but we’re all here, safe. We will definitely walk into this Christmas season with thankful hearts.

Hug your kids and unplug EVERYTHING! Happy Thanksgiving!