Last night I went to bed thinking about Mom and the the heat in her house continually breaking, Jack asking Santa for Christmas pajamas that say, “Never Give Up,” Hanan’s auditions, washing Bria’s lucky shirt before her next test, what the next set or orders might be and why it has to be a choice between what’s best for Ray and what’s best for the kids. I have lots of little bothers to keep my mind racing. I woke up to bigger bothers.

Arleigh was yelling for me to come see the news. Matt Lauer’s termination has hit us pretty hard. From the time that I was little the Today show was on every morning. It was on when Mom dropped me off at Gran’s. Mom watched it with her cup of coffee as her hair dried every morning. I entered a contest saying my role model was Jane Pauley and I couldn’t wait to report real news. Even when we’ve been a little disgusted with one-sided media, it’s a habit that we couldn’t break. My cousin even named her dog Matt Lauer. It is like an extended family member has done something very wrong and my heart is broken.

As the news went on we heard that my beloved Hawaii is being forced to test their nuclear attack warning system. It’s the first time they’ve heard the system since the Cold War in 1980. The thought of anyone doing anything to Hawaii and her people makes me turn into a mama bear. So much of my heart is right there. 

What kind of world do we live in? My children have grown up hearing a few rules. 

  • Always treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • The appearance of impropriety is the same as impropriety. Don’t do anything that even might give the hint that you are doing something wrong. 
  • Be good. Do good.

Do they always follow these rules? No. Do I? No. We do give it a good effort most of the time though. This world is so fallen. I hope that as some of these things trickle out, all the ugly skeletons in all the dark closets… Can we all just stop and get a do over? Let’s just all agree for the sake of our children that we can try to make this world a little better while we’re here? I can’t handle the disappointments.