Well folks, we’re here. It’s not even December and I’m ready for my annual Christmas post. To quote Donkey, “Mama always says Christmas ain’t Christmas ’til somebody cries…and it’s usually me!”


Tis the dang season for sheer and utter chaos. Plus, there is nothing like Christmas for bringing out the ugly entitlement culture. I just want to knock that straight out of my kids and I’m not sure how.

This week I’ve looked at the calendar and was overwhelmed to tears. I can’t please everyone. Sacrifices are made on the alter of the rat race. I just want to slow the heck down and sit by a fire with my family, a glass of wine and a board game. We used to be so good about sitting down to dinner together every night. I can’t remember the last time that happened. Basketball, soccer turns to futsal, winter concerts, babysitting jobs, auditions, tutoring… it goes on and on and that’s just the kids. I have tires to get rotated, and animals that need to get to the vet. I haven’t gotten all the decorations out yet and there are still mountains of leaves in the backyard. My hair is a curly gray mess and I can’t even talk about the nails and eyebrows and and and…. I know it’s 8 am but pass the eggnog laced with bourbon y’all because I’m sitting at the orthodontist hearing that molars aren’t coming in fast enough and we need to schedule two extractions and I’m feeling like I’ll be having these appointments until Hanan is 30. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

I remember mom fussing over the decorations and what she would cook and paying for the presents. I don’t remember scheduling conflicts or trying to decide who gets to do what and having horrible guilt for saying no or being totally aggravated that her kids carved out time for everyone but immediate family. Sigh… Christmas isn’t supposed to be this.

Sorry Mom…

So we’re going to sit back and try our darnedest to remember the reason for the season and that elf that’s watching our house and forgetting to move his lazy butt isn’t it.