So this Monday morning we all look a little like this…

At this point I can’t even remember what Friday looked like. Something about one child being upset about call backs and basketball practice and late dinner after waiting for four hours for my tires to be rotated and balanced. It was a Friday I that it would be okay to forget.

On Saturday with a little help we, and by we I mean Arleigh, survived the first SAT. I’m pretty sure as I stood in the door wearing my very bright Christmas pajamas screaming, “Did you get your calculator!?!” she decided to rock the test so it would be her first and last that would never happen again. I’m sorry Karla and Josh…

Bria decided to try basketball in the off season.

Her first game was Saturday. We counted ourselves lucky that she only had two fouls and never tried to shoot with her feet. She had a great game and her team walked away with a win. Plus… Blue looks good on my kids. Am I right?

Did I say off season? I forgot there isn’t really an off season. She was asked to play with some of her soccer team in The America’s Cup Series Futsal Tournament. We showed up and I’m not sure how the girls felt but watching the other team warm up as parents it was intimidating. They finished 2:1. These girls haven’t practiced Futsal at all this year. Most of them have never played, Bria included. They were pretty amazing and had a great time.

This was the best shot I had. I can’t upload live shots but Bria was after a rebound shot and thankfully didn’t take out the goalie.

In the middle of all of this, she also wanted to get to her friend’s birthday party. The last game of the tournament was 8:15 Sunday morning. There was still church and working in the nursery. Arleigh raked leaves for band while the rest of my tribe cleaned my car while I unloaded groceries. Hanan made it back to church for the teen refuel program while Arleigh worked on her Science Olympiad project. The only casualty of the weekend was Ray’s Christmas party for work. In spite of a good effort, we just couldn’t make it work.

When the game starts early on Sunday and we have to get everyone to church, this is what watching looks like.

Standing in the door because we couldn’t get across the court until half time. Good times. I can’t see over my girls anymore! ????

I need a weekend after my weekend but I’m back at work this morning. We have Christmas concerts, ugly sweater parties, wrapping and shopping to do this week. It’s t-minus how many days until break?

Time to huddle up Stiffs. We need a game plan for this sort of chaos. Rest assured, we are running until December 16th. When we get past Arleigh’s Birthday we are going to slow down and soak up the season and enjoy some family time. Christmas vacation here we come!