We have 12 days left of crazy straight out run and then… BREAK!!! I don’t know who is more excited, me or the kids. In the next 12 days I thought I would center my posts around things that make this nutty season a little easier for us right now. Let me start with the kids’ favorite Insta Pot recipe…Crack Chicken.

My mother-in-law asked me to share the recipe with her. As I scrolled through Pinterest, I realized our version is a little different from other ones. I have plans to make one with hot sauce and jalapeños eventually but we’ll probably save that for the Super Bowl.

I start with about 4 chicken breasts. I just throw them in. You can do this in a slow cooker too but I prefer the Insta Pot.

Next I dump in a package of dry ranch seasoning and one block of cream cheese. Like I said… dump.

Then I add about a cup of chopped onion. I had half a small onion left from the dinner the night before. I press one garlic clove in as well. Then… you need liquid. I prefer liquid with flavor and I always have broth or stock in the fridge. You can also do white wine.

1/4 cup of broth but I just eyeball it… dump it in. Then I set the pot to the manual setting for 30 minutes. While it does it’s thing, I make fries and slaw, or pasta or whatever we want to serve the Crack Chicken with.

I have about 8 thick-cut slices of crispy bacon that I chop and crumble. I also have that lovely package of exactly 2 cups of white cheddar. It doesn’t have to be white. That’s just what we have on hand.

I release the steam and shred and chop the chicken. Careful. It’s super hot. I have to add that extra chop so that Jack can eat it. I like it shredded in the stand mixer but that can sometimes be too hard for him to chew. In the meantime, turn the pot over the saute and stir, stir stir.


Add the chicken back in and let is soak up all that sauce. Stir is around, add the cheese and the bacon.

The kids love it the most on Hawaiian rolls with those crisper fries and bless their hearts, their mama made them southern they have to have a little dab of cole slaw. This stuff is great on baked potatoes, pasta, whatever. You’ll want it again and again. There is a reason it is called crack chicken.

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