There are days when I come home searching for a quiet chair and a glass of wine. There are other days when I get home excited to tell Ray some great story about the kids at school, like that one time… one of my kiddos had rubber chickens that he played with for earned breaks. One morning the chickens were in a position that left my gutter dragging mind spinning. When another teacher asked what the chickens were doing he grinned and said, “They’re bawking. They’re chickens.” Henceforth everything now is GONNA BE BAWKING! Maybe you had to be there.

For a few hours one morning this week I was in kindergarten. Sharing, kindness and manners are all implied when you write a post about all the things you learned in kindergarten. Today I’m going to share a few different things I learned.

  • Everything is art. Even cereal.
  • Do your work to earn your break.
  • When your break is over it’s time to work again.
  • Movement is important.
  • “When We’re Done We’ve Just Begun.” Also known as the story of Mount Washmore… 
  • Life is easier when you keep track of your own stuff.
  • Life is overwhelming but that’s what our friends are for.
  • Never ask the substitute or the aid to be in charge of the smart board. (Maybe that’s another blog post.)
  • Play-do is therapeutic.
  • Being kind is always important and giggles are necessary to get through the day.

That would just be a few notes. Those kids never fail to surprise me or teach me. I can’t wait to get back at them tomorrow.