I can’t talk to my kids about another school shooting.

I can’t weep into my coffee as I’m watching the news.

I can’t discuss who is at fault for having or not having gun control legislation one more time.

I can’t read one more Facebook status about gun control.

I can’t say one more time, “This not just a legislative issue. IT IS A HEART ISSUE.”

I’m tired of watching. Last week it happened in my home, to my friends. Next week it could be yours. This is a crisis. Being irritated at the people who continue to call for firearms change won’t fix the crisis. Yelling from social media about how horrible the right is for caring about the second amendment will not change this. Hate, anger, vitriol will not change this.

For our city, county, state, and federal leadership, let’s have a real discussion about enforcing all of our laws with fidelity. There shouldn’t be a we don’t believe in that so we’ll be sanctuary for this. There shouldn’t be a we can’t let them take our guns away so I’m going to look the other way for that. If there is a law, it is there for a reason. No more entitled, bratty citizens of the United States. Let’s take it on the chin and if you don’t agree with the law, let’s elect a congress that will change it.

Hey, NRA I’m looking at you. I am not a member but as a gun owner, I think it’s time to change that. I’m responsible, thoughtful and careful. Here’s what I want to see happen from inside your organization. Let’s take some of that money that you spend lobbying to protect your second amendment right and use if for research. Let’s step back and find some tangible ways to make our kids safe. Provide some guidelines for your members always encouraging them to be law abiding citizens, especially when it comes to firearms. Spend compassionately, finding ways to make things safer. Encourage laws that would keep guns out of the hands of people who really shouldn’t have them. Spend your money to help law enforcement enforce those laws. You will find that a little might go a long way.

What about the church? The church needs to be the church. We need to open our doors and welcome everyone. We need to be aware of the members that are already there that are hurting. We need to do instead of waiting to be fed. (I’m preaching to myself if you are wondering.) While I’m at it, I firmly believe that if the church was acting as the church and people would do instead of study we wouldn’t have to have the government running so many social programs.

What can I do?

  • I can stand in the gap for kids at school. I can be there for a teacher that needs a break. I can be the compassion, the empathy, the kindness they need without even realizing it.
  • I can contact my Congressman. I can ask for real change in our legislation not just for gun control, but for research and identifying mental health issues. Our schools need more money for social workers, counselors, family resources and after school programs. We need our states and our federal government to act to budget accordingly for this crisis. (You can contact your congressmen too. To find your representative click here.)
  • I can encourage kindness and be that example for my kids and the kids that are around me. I can be aware of people that are hurting.
  • Empathy is a lost art. We are so entitled we forget that instead of worrying if we have everything handed to us we should be concerned if others have enough. Did you see that? We want everything and we forget to see if others have enough.
  • Most of all, approach all this with love.

Yelling doesn’t accomplish much unless you are a drill sergeant. After the school shooting in Marshall County, there was a #belikebailey hashtag campaign. Bailey would say don’t be angry with the shooter, he was hurting. Bailey would to try to fix the hurt so others don’t get hurt. Let’s wipe out the root of the problem with love.