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11 Days ‘Til Christmas (Break) Peppermint Fudge

Eleven days ’til Christmas and my true love gave to me… A giant bowl of peppermint fudge and diabetes. Sing it with me! I know. Another recipe? I heard you over there all, “Yesterday was a recipe. Where are the kids?” Well, the kids are having their mother drive them from school to the soccer field, back home to get a few, pick up an extra, back to the soccer field and then to a winter band concert and the dang week just started.  Anyway… let’s get to the post. A long time ago Ray decided that people are either great cooks or great bakers. A great baker I am not! Baking requires precise measuring and specific temperatures and cooking times. I like the add a dash of this and a little bit of that and cook it a little longer and did we salt it kind of cooking and it usually works in my favor. When I find a sweet treat that is easy to make, looks mostly pretty and tastes fabulous, I’m all about it.  Here’s the secret ingredient that makes this the easiest candy in the world. Pre-crushed peppermint. Y’all. I literally mix and pour and wait a bit and then there is fudge. The only problem is Jack wanting to eat the entire candy dish in one sitting.  So here’s what you do. Pour two cups of white...

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12 Days ‘Til Christmas

We have 12 days left of crazy straight out run and then… BREAK!!! I don’t know who is more excited, me or the kids. In the next 12 days I thought I would center my posts around things that make this nutty season a little easier for us right now. Let me start with the kids’ favorite Insta Pot recipe…Crack Chicken. My mother-in-law asked me to share the recipe with her. As I scrolled through Pinterest, I realized our version is a little different from other ones. I have plans to make one with hot sauce and jalapeños eventually...

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We Made It

So this Monday morning we all look a little like this… At this point I can’t even remember what Friday looked like. Something about one child being upset about call backs and basketball practice and late dinner after waiting for four hours for my tires to be rotated and balanced. It was a Friday I that it would be okay to forget. On Saturday with a little help we, and by we I mean Arleigh, survived the first SAT. I’m pretty sure as I stood in the door wearing my very bright Christmas pajamas screaming, “Did you get your calculator!?!” she decided to rock the test so it would be her first and last that would never happen again. I’m sorry Karla and Josh… Bria decided to try basketball in the off season. Her first game was Saturday. We counted ourselves lucky that she only had two fouls and never tried to shoot with her feet. She had a great game and her team walked away with a win. Plus… Blue looks good on my kids. Am I right? Did I say off season? I forgot there isn’t really an off season. She was asked to play with some of her soccer team in The America’s Cup Series Futsal Tournament. We showed up and I’m not sure how the girls felt but watching the other team warm up as...

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Christmas Ain’t Christmas

Well folks, we’re here. It’s not even December and I’m ready for my annual Christmas post. To quote Donkey, “Mama always says Christmas ain’t Christmas ’til somebody cries…and it’s usually me!”   Tis the dang season for sheer and utter chaos. Plus, there is nothing like Christmas for bringing out the ugly entitlement culture. I just want to knock that straight out of my kids and I’m not sure how. This week I’ve looked at the calendar and was overwhelmed to tears. I can’t please everyone. Sacrifices are made on the alter of the rat race. I just want to...

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Jesus Come Soon!

Last night I went to bed thinking about Mom and the the heat in her house continually breaking, Jack asking Santa for Christmas pajamas that say, “Never Give Up,” Hanan’s auditions, washing Bria’s lucky shirt before her next test, what the next set or orders might be and why it has to be a choice between what’s best for Ray and what’s best for the kids. I have lots of little bothers to keep my mind racing. I woke up to bigger bothers. Arleigh was yelling for me to come see the news. Matt Lauer’s termination has hit us pretty hard. From the time that I was little the Today show was on every morning. It was on when Mom dropped me off at Gran’s. Mom watched it with her cup of coffee as her hair dried every morning. I entered a contest saying my role model was Jane Pauley and I couldn’t wait to report real news. Even when we’ve been a little disgusted with one-sided media, it’s a habit that we couldn’t break. My cousin even named her dog Matt Lauer. It is like an extended family member has done something very wrong and my heart is broken. As the news went on we heard that my beloved Hawaii is being forced to test their nuclear attack warning system. It’s the first time they’ve heard the system...

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