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In The Light of Morning

I hope I didn’t overstep or ruffle feathers or sound like my voice was leaking the vitriol that I absolutely detest. I started to write another blog this morning and just deleted it. If my inbox and the comments are any indication, it has started discussion. Our approach to keeping our kids safe in my mind must be multifaceted. We are all to blame. It is not just he NRA. It is not just the Bible-thumping zealots. It’s not just the republicans or the democrats. It’s not just the parents. It’s not just the teachers. It’s not just the people with guns. It’s not just the video games. It’s not just the entertainment industry. It is not just the internet bullies. IT IS ALL OF US! Because you asked. Today I will be looking to see exactly what gun laws have changed in the last 40 or so years. I’ll research raw data about mass shootings because statistics can be twisted. I’ll be looking at what weapons are really unnecessary. What constitutes the differences in long barrel weapons and which ones are most deadly and why. When I finish, I’ll be writing to every politician I can think of. When I finish that, I’m going to volunteer in the school more than just be there as a substitute. I’m going to love on the kids that need love. I’m...

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On Gun Control

Brace yourself. You may not like me very much after I say this. I have had a long ass day and it’s only getting longer. Sorry. It’s not nearly the worst word I’ve heard today. I got called into school late this morning. I didn’t get my gym in and that can make me quite the cranky pants in my old age. I was in a class that provides special education services. One of my friends dropped the f bomb about 400 times today, told innumerable students that he hated them, he spit in the cafeteria manager’s face and hit me approximately 4,253 times. Okay it was more like 23 slaps but you get the idea. Another student was melting down over the thought of an upcoming project. Another didn’t get the break he asked for during specials and his anger was escalating. It was also spelling day. Y’all I’m tired. In the middle of that I was getting notes from mom that she needs a cat scan and a teacher from another class asked me if I had heard from the girls because there was an “incident” at the school. I left the school for soccer and to pick one up from the high school and there’s a concert tonight but I’m making time for you, blog reader because there is some crap on my brain and wedged...

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And So It Begins: Stiff College Tour the Virginia Tech Addition

Last year during spring break, even though Arleigh was a sophomore at the time and Hanan was a freshman, I scheduled a tour of Murray State. MSU happens to be my alma mater and Ray’s too. We made it through the early ’90s yelling “Racers, Racers, Yee Haw!!!” and didn’t find it at all weird. Murray was my only choice. It was Ray’s backup and I am forever grateful he landed there. While I adore everything about Murray State and Murray, Kentucky and our experiences there we agreed that we want the girls to have lots of options. With that attitude, we drove four hours away to tour Virginia Tech this weekend. I should start with the campus is stunning. It’s just gorgeous and our drive up into the mountains was incredible. It wouldn’t be hard for anyone to imagine themselves on a blanket studying on the drill field. The stadium was impressive. All the facilities were, in fact, very impressive. Since I’ve told you how gorgeous everything is, can I say I do not for the life of me understand their school colors? Maroon and burnt orange? So their t-shirts are the color of my Thanksgiving decor but their mascot is an aggressive turkey¬†a hokie? It’s a bit like they are setting their own table for their mascot. Plus, burnt orange is not my color. Back to the...

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I Can’t

I can’t talk to my kids about another school shooting. I can’t weep into my coffee as I’m watching the news. I can’t discuss who is at fault for having or not having gun control legislation one more time. I can’t read one more Facebook status about gun control. I can’t say one more time, “This not just a legislative issue. IT IS A HEART ISSUE.” I’m tired of watching. Last week it happened in my home, to my friends. Next week it could be yours. This is a crisis. Being irritated at the people who continue to call for firearms change won’t fix the crisis. Yelling from social media about how horrible the right is for caring about the second amendment will not change this. Hate, anger, vitriol will not change this. For our city, county, state, and federal leadership, let’s have a real discussion about enforcing all of our laws with fidelity. There shouldn’t be a we don’t believe in that so we’ll be sanctuary for this. There shouldn’t be a we can’t let them take our guns away so I’m going to look the other way for that. If there is a law, it is there for a reason. No more entitled, bratty citizens of the United States. Let’s take it on the chin and if you don’t agree with the law, let’s elect a congress...

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My New Stitch Fix Obsession

I used to love to shop. Right now, I don’t have time and I desperately need some different clothes, especially for school. I signed up for Stitch Fix on a whim. Y’all, Stitch Fix may be my new best friend! I opened my box. Imagine a green shirt in time for St. Patrick’s day. There is a cute, casual blazer and SHOES!!! I have been dreading shopping for jeans. There happened to be a pair with another top. Oh my goodness, I’m excited. What’s more exciting is that Ray was home when the box arrived. He didn’t balk at the price. Because I wanted all five items, it was actually very reasonable. I didn’t waste time and feel bad trying things on at the store. The shoes were a bit too big. I simply exchanged them for a different size. In the words of Bria, “Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!” The things in the box mix and match together and they included little cards that showed me what to put with them from staples that might already be in my closet. I am in LOVE! Happy Valentine’s Day to me! If you would like to try Stitch Fix, I happen to have a code so that you can try it for free and if you’re box ships, I’ll get a $25 credit. We’re all sharing the love. So simple. Just...

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