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It seems as you get older, every year seems a bit harder. People we love pass away. The kids are growing up too fast. Still, we have so much to be thankful for every single day. This Thanksgiving we were shown just how thankful we are with a big heart shaking reminder. I would’ve posted earlier but we rent our home and we wanted to talk to the home owner first. We had a lovely Thanksgiving with friends we don’t get to see often enough. Of course I’m that Mom that stopped our parade to take a Thanksgiving selfie....

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We’re Facebook Famous!

My apologies for not posting in forever. My long-term substitute position has come to a bittersweet end. I do love those kids. I can’t believe I was terrified to walk into the fifth grade for a solid quarter. Before school started, I put up a bulletin board that said, “Nine Weeks of Wonder” because we would be referencing the book throughout quarter. (If you haven’t, read it before you see the movie.) Anyway, we made it through nine weeks of kids having strep, stomach bugs, field day, Halloween, Back To School Night, etc. I made it through healthy. Today, I feel a...

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Six Years

Six years ago I stepped off a plane. I was soaked with pee and stained with tears. I had an eye infection and was exhausted to my core. This picture was my view. Six years ago today Jack met his family for the first time. He went straight for Grandma. Tonight, we will celebrate Jack’s way… two new boxes of police officer Legos and chicken with a side of macaroni and cheese. We’ll follow it up with some ice cream cake. The ice cream cake is more for me since one of my biggest memories of China is Jack...

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What I Told My Children This Morning

I am feeling a little guilty that I haven’t been writing at all. In fact, early this weekend my fingers were itching to tap away at keys. Posts jumble around in my brain while Ray and I try to muddle through what we call our “busy season.” In a Game of Thrones reference, we spent our summer saying, “winter is coming…” Winter is here.  I have high schoolers researching colleges, balancing extra-curricular schedules with responsibilities we pile on while navigating a scary social scene and lets add that today’s teen has to post EVERYTHING on social media as they juggle the crazy schedules we help impose. I have one who is tutoring, playing in the marching band and making her younger sister have nightmares about the impending end of the world. I have one with crazy social stress, trying to push herself in her sport and beating herself up over the mind game it provides while keeping her grades up. They are finding their own way in a crazy liberal area with parents that have conservative views. I have another child who is in a sports/self confidence slump, didn’t get elected to the SCA and is going to bed crying because the weather patterns, the news and her sisters freaking her out leads her to conclude every night before bed that she might not wake up. (She really is her mother’s...

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Long For Truth

My friends from college were in a living nightmare. I’ve mentioned their story before. Brian and Kim Long have gone through things that I can’t imagine. This story hits me close to home on so many levels. I have son with special needs. I work with special needs kids all the time as a substitute teacher. This hurts my heart. I know things happen in classroom settings that are so far out of control. It seems in my mind that this situation was totally preventable. My heart is broken for Kim and Brian that not only did they live it but they have to constantly relive the experience as they work to make change.  Do better Louisville. Kentucky has excellent education resources. The schools are fabulous. This is unacceptable. This investigation, though I wasn’t personally participating seems to have gone off the rails. Let’s make sure no other family goes through this. Want to know what I’m ranting about? Find more information at #longfortruth and the latest news article You’re in our prayers...

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