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Our Beloved Camp Idlewild

So it has been a long week. We started it with me getting irritated with my loving adorable children for fighting with each other over… I honestly don’t remember. It was either what we planned to do that day or maybe a Cheez It crumb. We are all aware that orders and plans are looming. The tension in the air around here… well it’s almost electric. Then Mom called me to tell me about a problem with her eye. I decided that her retina was about to become detached and proceeded to lose my fishizzle trying to get her to see an ophthalmologist. You didn’t know I had my medical license? It was provided by google. Let’s not forget it is also spirit week at Band Camp and Ray is MIA for a bit. Sigh… You are getting the idea. We’re busy and anxious and sometimes worried and that’s just me. Tonight I have a touch of insomnia. I’m usually snoring by now. This little bit of heaven landed in my inbox. It is a video from teen week of our beloved Camp Idlewild. you can catch glimpses of Arleigh and Hanan. It is long but I now understand why they are desperate to go back. Enjoy the video. I’m off to try to enjoy some...

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Watch This Please

If you saw my post yesterday, you need to see this. If you didn’t read my post there is no need of the back button. You can find it here. If you still need prompting for why I am so upset, There’s this. I am still so sad. I consider Iceland one of my many homes. While I wasn’t shocked if you read about our experience with Arleigh, I am disheartened. What has happened to humanity? Between this and Charlottesville and what we hear one the news every single day. What kind of world am I leaving for my children? The only words that come to mind right now are, Jesus come...

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Our Society

My kids are huddled watching a movie and begging for ice cream. I’m listening to them giggle and talk to each other. I just want to gather them up and take them off to our own little island and hide. I can’t believe the things that are happening right now.  Yes, I currently live in Virginia. Like everyone else, I’ve watched in horror as things unfold in Charlottesville. I talked with a friend who is an immigrant. She was telling me how shocked she was to find out that people were openly racist. She assumed it was a dark secret that they never pulled out in the light. I’ve watched the anger the hurt and the vitriol. I’ve read the posts, much like this one that amount to one thing, a big pile of words. Until we get out from behind our screens and love and care for our neighbors of every color, what is this world going to become? Kneeling for the anthem isn’t going to do much. Caring for your neighbor will.  So there’s this… Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Darkness can’t drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate can’t drive out hate; only love can do that.” You’ve heard me say before…or read that I wrote Ray decided that the motto for our little family is “Be Good, Do Good.” If our children don’t...

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Today Is A Good Day To Be A Stiff

So today, Jack was happy as a clam making some “epic” creations. Bria finally got her braces off. Hanan survived an ankle roll at cross country this morning and celebrated with mani pedis with a friend. Side note… sadly, I was over 30 before I got my first pedicure but whatever. And there’s this little snippet. My girl won the drill down today!!! Basically she was the last one to make a mistake out of over 100 kids! I can’t help but think what our first week of band camp was like two years ago. Let’s just say we were both in tears! I think today is a darn good day to be a...

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Today I spent over half my day in an orthodontist office another half was at the commissary. I have two extra kids and soccer practice tonight. My brain is too fried to decide what to write. My friend Dana asked people to post pictures from their “fun” summer adventures on an adoption group page a few days ago. Instead, I texted her this. That would be Jack deciding that maybe the ride that he just boarded at Busch Gardens isn’t such a great idea. (I know…mother of the year!)  The first time I looked at the picture all I saw was Jack’s angst. The second time I saw her. I’ll just leave this creepy photobomb here for your enjoyment. Hopefully tomorrow my brain will be unfried…not likely but here’s to...

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