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Jake’s Shark

We have some very good friends who had to move up north. (Shutter the thought!) Anyway, their son, Jake has always loved animals. When Jake was two he taught me things about animals. Clearly, he has a calling as you can see from these pictures. The Ericksons went to the beach this week. A shark had washed up on the shore. Jake, AKA the shark whisperer, saved it by throwing it back. According to his mom, Kristin, Jake says it was quite heavy. I do have to worry about Hanan picking up turkeys. I don’t think even she would pick up a...

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One Very Wild Weekend

We are slowly getting back to our routine. Ray has even found time to almost finish Bria’s room. The rest is probably up to me. That would mean fixing the bedding, curtains and general decorating. I have less than nine weeks left, so hopefully, I’ll get it done. He replaced a window on the second story by himself. He’s so handy, I think I’ll probably keep him around. Anyway, in between all the renovations, we managed not one but two trips to the zoo this weekend. On Friday a small group of Moms from our church met with kids in tow to tour the zoo. There were 4 families and a total of 9 kids if you aren’t counting Bria. I could count her now. I felt like I was wagging an extra baby the whole time. Anyway, the girls had a great time. Some new exhibits opened. There are three new kangaroos and a red panda. We saw it all. We finished with a dip in the zoo fountains. That’s Arleigh’s favorite part. Hanan had fun running and screaming but she never really gets that wet. On Saturday we climbed out of bed and went back to the zoo for Breakfast With the Animals. It was our first time fighting the crowd. It wasn’t so bad. The food wasn’t wonderful. That was probably a good thing. Watching some...

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