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Category: Adoption

Summer School

This year this guy is participating in ESY.  That’s a fancy navy-sounding acronym name for Extended School Year. Why would this endless summer dreaming mother want her child to go to school in the summer? Well, where...

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Your Support

Have I mentioned that I remember everything? Well, I don’t remember how to do Algebra or to get eggs and milk from the store but I remember life events like I’ve just watched a movie. It’s a blessing. I hold on...

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Four Years Complete

It’s hard to believe but four years ago today, I was standing in China, signing papers, meeting my son. Oh to read that now. How naive I was. How I thought I was making it real but  he wasn’t really talking. We...

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My Secret Confession

So, today I revealed a dirty little secret that I’d like to share with you. Our adoption agency lists us as a source to call with questions about the adoption experience, particularly those of special needs children. The...

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An Update on Jack

I think I’m glad I didn’t write this last night. I needed to sleep and to run and to pray and find some serious perspective. I’ve done all three but I have no real answers. Let me take a step back, well a...

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Pictures Planes and Plans

When we were flying to China I was filled with nervous excitement. I think part of it was because I just knew we would be one of those families so moved by all the children, we would be back as soon as we had settled to life in...

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Breaking News!

Recently my friend Andrea posted this video on her blog. It stayed with me. Then, I was contacted by a friend at Love Without Boundaries. Sweet little Rosalinda who you helped me sponsor has been adopted!!! Huge praise!!! We...

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Another Jack Update

Jack has had his fair share of appointments over the last couple of weeks. We’ve finished with the assessments at Tripler. Thursday he starts school assessments. Where do we stand? Well, the pathologist at Tripler is a bit...

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