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Category: Arleigh

USA Band Competition 

On Saturday I hitched a ride with two other moms and headed to Annapolis to the Navy and Marine Corps Memorial Stadium for the USA Bands Competition. I never thought my first time seeing that field would be for Arleigh. It...

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First Day of School

On Sunday we were visiting another church. (I promise I’m not just bragging about my kids. This story has a point.) The children’s minister looked for me between classes. She told me that she briefly met Arleigh and...

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The Nana and Papa Chronicles

We’ve been enjoying Nana and Papa’s company for a bit now. We actually made it out of the house into town on Monday to the Air & Space Museum. I’m not sure exactly when Bria and Jack decided to get so tall....

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The Kidnapping

I would like to report a kidnapping.  This morning at O dark thirty (that means about 5:15 a.m. Grandma) these sweet girls showed up at my house to steal my daughter. I must be a horrible mom because I allowed it to...

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This One Time At Band Camp

We are on day 3. Can I get off this band roller coaster yet? She likes it. She hates it. She’s quitting. She’s suffering through. She’s proud. It’s the WORST THING EVER. We are supportive parents. We are...

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So This Is Band Camp

Back in March I started communicating with Arleigh’s new high school to let them know she would be coming and to please save a spot for her in band. We’ve been on a bit of a roller coaster since. Arleigh wasn’t...

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The Parenting Minefield

When I was a teenager I think I listened to the song, Love Is A Battlefield about a bazillion times. I think I need to rewrite the lyrics about parenting. Kids are a Battlefield We are old Heartache to heartache we stand...

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AIS Pride Night

Graduation is over. Summer has begun. I can’t even talk about it yet. The time is slipping through my fingers way faster than that sands in the hour glass bull I used to hear every day when Gran turned on Days of Our...

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Purpled Up

Kids to school on time: Check Kids wearing purple for school: Check Appropriate footwear for field practice: Check Lunches: Check Mom resembling Barney in her purple outfit: Double Check  Praying that there really...

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Happy Birthday Arleigh Grace

Love seeing that smile! Today is Arleigh’s Birthday. I’m in denial that my sweet, beautiful girl is now 14. It seems like yesterday that she was born a little early with lots of excitement. I hate that my kids have...

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My Musician

It seems like yesterday that I was living on another much colder island with only one very cute little girl.   She has always been silly and funny and ready to sick her tongue out in a picture.      ...

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