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Rapunzel No More

When Arleigh and Hanan were little we called their playroom the Princess Room. Arleigh wanted to be Ariel. Hanan wanted to be Belle. Five years later, we added a new little princess to the mix. She was so busy trying to keep up...

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Student Of The Week

Bria was selected to be Student of the Week in her class this week. She is super excited about it. She brought a poster home on Thursday and worked all weekend to color it and fill it out. This kid cracks me up....

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Briaisms With Hashtags

First, thank you Thank you THANK YOU for all the kind words, support and prayers we received on Jack’s behalf. As a brief update to the update, we have a new IEP appointment scheduled. I’m trying to schedule doctor...

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First Day of School

On Sunday we were visiting another church. (I promise I’m not just bragging about my kids. This story has a point.) The children’s minister looked for me between classes. She told me that she briefly met Arleigh and...

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The Nana and Papa Chronicles

We’ve been enjoying Nana and Papa’s company for a bit now. We actually made it out of the house into town on Monday to the Air & Space Museum. I’m not sure exactly when Bria and Jack decided to get so tall....

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Purpled Up

Kids to school on time: Check Kids wearing purple for school: Check Appropriate footwear for field practice: Check Lunches: Check Mom resembling Barney in her purple outfit: Double Check  Praying that there really...

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To Be A Congress

Tonight Bria asked me if the president could appoint a new president if the president had been president for a year and just didn’t like it. Are you following? I had a headache. I said, “No.” Bria doesn’t...

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Mom used to call it “Briaese.” I call it Briaisms. Whatever you call it, it’s usually funny. It can be the way she says everything is “Opposedly” going to happen instead of supposedly. It’s...

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Breaking News

Big news in the Stiff house! Bria can no longer channel Nanny McPhee… After what seems like months of a new tooth growing in way the heck behind a baby tooth, Bria finally lost the one that was sticking straight out of her...

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Find Your Aloha

Have I mentioned that I love it here? One of the things I love most is the spirit of Aloha. I think when we moved here I thought you said Aloha for hello and goodbye. It really means so much more. I joke about finding my aloha...

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The Middle

There are times that I question if I post about Bria too often. She is really at that fun age where she’s figuring everything out. She also doesn’t seem to care if her picture is plastered on the internet. Arleigh...

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