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On June 25, 1971 God decided it was the perfect time to bring a pretty perfect guy into the world. For his birthday, I decided to tweak Taylor’s Swifts song 22. I mean, if Jay Leno can do it, why can’t I? Here...

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Under Construction

It seems we are under construction around here. How do you like it? Clearly, we’re still cleaning things up a bit so watch where you step. I like the nice new clean look. It makes me feel better. I would really like to...

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Best Ever!

 Even though I’ve been reading blogs, I haven’t felt like blogging. Maybe it’s that we’ve been on the road so much this summer. Maybe it’s because we’re in the final stretch before...

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Ray’s Good News

Ray is now an O-5 select. I am so proud of him. I debated about this post. I figure if I can go on and on about the girls’ achievements, I get to do the same for their Daddy. The truth is Ray loves what he does and...

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Happy Anniversary Ray

It’s hard to believe that 13 years ago we were in Jamaica scuba diving. The Jamaican minister was yelling “Run for the roses, Mon!” It was great. It seems like yesterday. That is until I think about all that...

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