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The One About The Bus

Bria had a seriously cool night last night. If you’ve seen my Facebook, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It was exciting but not quite as exciting as my afternoon. So, we drew the short straw this year. Our...

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An Update on Jack

I think I’m glad I didn’t write this last night. I needed to sleep and to run and to pray and find some serious perspective. I’ve done all three but I have no real answers. Let me take a step back, well a...

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Again…The Car Line

Oh…. the dreaded car line. Are you tired of hearing me fuss about it yet? Instead of telling myself how grateful I am that I have my big old mom mobile and healthy children to shove out on the sidewalk, I’m going to...

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Our Super Citizen

As promised, here she is, our Super Citizen. On the last day of school before Christmas break, Arleigh was awarded Super Citizen for kindness. She was very excited. Of course, we are very proud. The sign is in our yard, still...

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Fall Family Fun Fitness Day

This morning we got up earlier than I was ready for to go to Fall Fun Family Fitness Day. I’m not sure the alliteration actually went in that order but you get the idea. The girls participated in lots of fitness...

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Mama, What’s A Hickey?

Seriously, a couple of days ago my darling first grader walked down the stairs and said, “Hey Mama! What’s a hickey?” My very perceptive daughter saw that my jaw was on the floor. “You know, a...

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Art Is Subjective

Arleigh just got second place in the Reflections Art Contest for their school. She competed with K-2nd grade students. The theme this year was “I Can Make A Difference By…” Arleigh painted a self portrait of...

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